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Celine Dion is the second-highest earning musician in history, and has been singing professionally since the age of She has complete control over her voice, and is able to pull off everything from a whisper-soft ballad to a powerfully belted show stopper. She engages her listeners with specific vocal techniques that contribute strongly to her singing style.

Which singer has the greatest recorded vocal range of all time?

Celine Dion only began voice lessons at the age of 20, after being diagnosed with polyps -- nodes -- on her vocal cords. These lessons taught her how to protect her voice against future damage and enabled her to belt and sing in the wide range for which she's famous. Before attempting any of Dion's advanced vocal skills, get a solid foundation in vocal technique with an in-person, qualified teacher.

celine dion vocal range

By learning such basic singing techniques as breathing properly, ridding the throat of tension and learning to sing with the jaw in a comfortably vertical position, singers can develop the broad range and solid sound of Dion.

Celine Dion is a belter -- which means she sounds as though she's taking her chest or her lower voice up into the head to generate a high voice with lots of power. Amateur singers often force or push their voices to achieve this belting sound, but this leads to vocal health problems. When belting, as with all singing, the throat and mouth shouldn't feel tense, the jaw should be loosely dropped and the diaphragm should feel tense while singing phrases. Using this simple technique, female singers can easily sing higher notes with a strong, belted sound, just like Dion.

Because of Dion's voice experience and training, she has an octave range that spans five octaves; she is especially known for hitting the high notes with ease. To grab the high notes like Celine Dion, drop your jaw way down and keep any noticeable tension out of your throat.

It may help to lift the edges of your mouth, as if you're smiling, as well as your cheekbones. You should feel vibrations in your sinus and mouth area. If you don't, sing the word "me," lingering on the "m" until you do. To achieve this sound, the vocal cords must come together somewhat forcefully, too forcefully and it's called a hard glottal attack, widely considered unhealthy for the voice.

In practical terms, singing with glottal attacks just means attacking certain words harder than usual. Kristina Seleshanko began adult life as a professional singer and actress, working on both the West and East coasts. She regularly sang jazz in nightclubs, performed in musical theatre, and sang opera and pop.

By: Kristina Seleshanko Updated September 15, Share It. About the Author. Photo Credits.The singer made waves at Paris Couture Fashion Week back in January, where she stepped out numerous times, as fans noticed that she was noticeably slimmer all of a sudden. That month she shut down critics of her weight by telling The Sun, "If I like it, I don't want to talk about it.

Don't take a picture," she added at the time. If you don't, leave me alone. She also defended her recent fashion risks, saying, "I'm doing this for me. I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy. I do this four times a week. People say, 'She's a lot thinner,' but I'm workin hard. I like to move, and [weight loss] comes with it.

celine dion vocal range

Dion also announced this week that she's going on a North American tour this fall, her first in over a decade. She'll also be releasing an album, expected to be released in November. Buy tickets to see Celine Dion in concert here. Canadian singer Celine Dion poses as part of the music world's largest annual trade fair, Midem, on January 24, in Cannes, southeastern France.

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Celine Dion explains her thinner frame: 'I'm working hard'.

Céline Dion: LIVE Vocal Range '1985-2019' (Bb2-Eb7: 4.3 Octaves)

Up Next. Discover More Like This. Read on to see Celine's incredible style transformation. Celine Dion en concert a l'Olympia le 27 septembre a Paris, France. Singer Celine Dion at the Blockbuster Awards. Singer Celine Dion, wearing red see-through gown. Celine Dion performs on stage in in England. Singer Celine Dion.Celine Dion is best known for her signature nasal voice and sentimental love songs. People most often label Celine a mezzo for two reasons: she has stated that she is one and she possess large, piercing belts.

We cannot automatically trust singers to classify their voices as they may not be educated on the fach system. Her lows also tend to be weak and foggy. A mezzo would not have the comfort in the upper 5th octave that Celine does, but rather more comfort down low. Full-lyrics also have less bright voices than light-lyrics, but not to the same extent to that of a spinto. Compare her to a real spinto, Whitney Houston, and you will hear the difference.

celine dion vocal range

Celine has a warm, mature and full voice. The main distinction between a light and full lyric is the maturity of the voice. Celine sounds like a woman, rather than a young girl, meaning she is a full-lyric.

Her voice is rather gentle and smooth. She can also produce some nice resonance Take a listen here and here. Vocal View. Celine Dion Voice Type. Mezzo-Soprano People most often label Celine a mezzo for two reasons: she has stated that she is one and she possess large, piercing belts.

Full-Lyric Celine has a warm, mature and full voice. Notes yesinss liked this. Observer theme by Zack Sultan.Photo credit: WENN. She is known for her incredible 5 octave vocal range and her ability to reach above the 7 octave, which is no easy feat. She won numerous awards and accolades including 7 Grammy awards and 22 American Music Awards.

This pint-sized powerhouse packs an impressive punch. From a very early age Aguilera showcased her impressive 4 octave range. The British songstress recently took the world by a storm with the success of her debut album 19 and her sophomore chart topper, Arguably one of the most recognized voices in all of the world, Celine Dion is one of the greatest female singers of all time.

She boasts an impressive 5 octave vocal range and identifies herself as a mezzo-soprano. She is often described as one of the most powerful mezzo-sopranos to ever be recorded and has influenced many of the other artists featured on this list.

Another British singer on our list. Welch is known not only for her super powerful voice but for her interesting and unique artistry as well. The singer is currently riding on top of the music world with the release of her self-titled mega hit, Beyonce. She also boasts an impressive vocal range at 3. She sports an impressive soprano range and has one of the most recognizable voices in country music today. This singer has come a long way from her American Idol win back in Search and hit Go.

Not just another Celebrities magazine.Born into a large family from Charlemagne, Quebecshe emerged as a teen star in her homeland with a series of French-language albums during the s. She first gained international recognition by winning both the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival and the Eurovision Song Contestwhere she represented Switzerland.

InDion released her debut English-language album, Unisonestablishing herself as a viable pop artist in North America and other English-speaking areas of the world. During the s, she achieved worldwide fame after releasing several best-selling English albums, such as Falling into You and Let's Talk About Lovewhich were both certified diamond in the US. Dion continued releasing French albums between each English record; D'eux became the best-selling French-language album of all time, while S'il suffisait d'aimerSans attendreand Encore un soirwere all certified diamond in France.

During the s, she built her reputation as a highly successful live performer with A New Day While her releases have often received mixed critical reception, she is regarded as one of pop music's most influential voices.

Billboard named her the " Queen of Adult Contemporary " for having the most number ones on the radio format for a female artist. She remains the best-selling Canadian artist and one of the best-selling artists of all time with record sales of million copies worldwide. From an early age, she had dreamed of being a performer. I had one dream: I wanted to be a singer.

Her popularity spread to other parts of the world when she competed in the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo, Japanand won the musician's award for "Top Performer" as well as the gold medal for "Best Song" with " Tellement j'ai d'amour pour toi ". She consulted the otorhinolaryngologist William Gould, [22] [23] who gave her an ultimatum: have immediate surgery on her vocal cords or do not utilize them at all for three weeks.

Two years after she learned English, Dion made her debut into the Anglophone market with Unisonthe lead single having originally been recorded by Laura Branigan.

Unison also hit the right notes with critics: Jim Faber of Entertainment Weekly wrote that her vocals were "tastefully unadorned", and that she never attempted to "bring off styles that are beyond her". The latter became her first top-ten hit on the US Billboard Hotpeaking at number four. Her real international breakthrough came when she duetted with Peabo Bryson on the title track to Disney 's animated film Beauty and the Beast Owing to the success of the lead-off single and her collaborations with David Foster and Diane Warrenthe album was even more well-received commercially than Unison ; it was certified diamond in Canada and double platinum in the US.

Also during this time, Dion released the Francophone album Dion chante Plamondon. It was originally released in Canada and France during the — period, then later received an international release inthe first French Celine Dion album to do so.

In Quebec, the album was certified Gold the day it was released. She had achieved one of her main objectives: wedging her way into the Anglophone market and achieving fame.

She asserted that she was—and would always be—a French, not an English, artist. However, the relationship was kept a secret as they both feared that the public would find their relations inappropriate.

Celine's five octave vocal range

InDion announced her feelings for her manager by declaring him "the colour of [her] love" in the dedication section of her third English-language album The Colour of My Love. However, instead of criticizing their relationship as she had feared, fans embraced the couple. As with most of her catalogue, The Colour of My Love had over-riding themes of love and romance. Both the album and the single " Think Twice " simultaneously occupied the top of the British charts for five consecutive weeks.

Dion kept to her French roots and continued to release many Francophone recordings between each English record. It had one promotional single, a live version of " Calling You ", which peaked at seventy-five on the French Singles Chart. D'eux also known as The French Album in the United Stateswas released inand it would go on to become the best-selling French-language album of all time.

It was later certified Platinum in France. The second single off the album, "Je sais pas", reached No. During the mids and onward, Dion's albums were generally constructed on the basis of melodramatic soft rock ballads, with sprinklings of up-tempo pop and rare forays into other genres.

By the mids, she had established herself as one of the best-selling artists in the world. Falling into YouDion's fourth English-language album, presented the singer at the height of her popularity and showed a further progression of her music. Additionally, instruments like the violin, Spanish guitartrombonethe cavaquinhoand saxophone created a new sound.Every singer has a unique vocal range.

There is a bit of an alto in her voice and she has the octave range of two octaves plus three notes that range from C3 to F5. Adele has a darker but solid lower range but her comfort zone is definitely when she is hitting the low studio notes.

It is this range where Adele sings the most lyrical parts of her songs. Madonna is a highly talented mezzo-soprano and has a vocal range of 3 octaves and 2 notes that range from G2 to B5. The iconic singer has a lot of vocal strengths that enable her to adapt her vocals to almost any musical genre and sing it easily.

Her most powerful region is in the mid-range vocals which she accentuates with her warm and robust voice as well as a brighter timbre or tone. Taylor Swift has a bright and soft tone which is not only smooth but also pleasant to hear in the mid-range.

Although there are certain vocal flaws in her voice, there are positive traits in her voice that make her music a delight to hear. In the studio, she can maintain a note for at least a few seconds and even decently execute some register transitions. Her voice can be soft and delicate but in some of her songs such as We Are Never Getting Back Togetherit is more solid and direct.

Her belts around A4 or B4 generally gives some great resonance. Whitney widely utilized her entire range of vocal talents in many of her earlier live performances and hits.

Celine Dion: Perfect Singing Voice

She has a light and girlish tone with lows that are dark and a bit bad for a professional singer. Even when he is performing live, the voice exhibits no breathiness and he could go lower than Bb2.

Overall, the head voice is quite resonant and he can easily make a transition from the chest to the head voice. She sounds best in the mid-range like in the Russian Roulette where it is a solid tone with a slight smoky quality. In recent years, she has improved her belting range from a nasal and thin voice to some strength and weight in it.

Her vocal range is 2 to 4 octaves which is on the same level as Michael Jackson and Tina Turner although still below Mariah Carey who has a vocal range of 5 octaves.

She is something of a vocal acrobat with long and complex melismas and does vocal runs with relative ease and without breaks.O You obviously do not know Celine's opus very well. The woman sings in French and English, has recorded albums of pop, soul, rock, r'n'b and French chanson genre. Dion is also known for being excellent at carrying gospel melodies, jazz scat-singing, Christmas tunes and patriotic anthems. If that's not versatility, I must be losing my marbles. Also there is a video on youtube where she sings some fragment of opera.

She is extremely versatile singer! Was waiting for other peoples input before I updated. Will get on to it soon! I agree with Vocalist1 - Celine is probably the most versatile pop diva of all if you know her work - she really can sing just about anything. I would say Lyric soprano is more accurate when describing her voice type in classical terms.

Her voice does not have the typical weightiness of a mezzo-soprano, such as Idina Menzel. It has a bright and ringing tone to it. Celine has a very french way of singing. Which is apparent I guess, due to her Quebecois upbringing. Her placement is more towards the nasal cavity, which accounts for her tendency to sound nasally at times. However, her placement of her voice gives it a somewhat unique timber that is immediately identifiable.

It acquires a penatrating timbre, and the harmonics in her voice, what we classical singers term 'squillo' or singers format, acquires a certain richness to it. Celine is more of a lyric soprano to me. Her ethereal timbre is floaty and weightless, nothing like a mezzo. And her voice is very nasal, her vibrato sometimes too pronounced. Never knew quite how amazing this woman was!!! I always knew she was better than nearly everyone around her but I've gotta say, I now think she excels Mariah - obviously not in range - but in understanding of her voice and control of her voice.

Mega late reply to your post but as you may have already found out she is indeed still doing her Vegas gig and is also apparantly recording two new albums, one French the other English obvs! She had a magic to her back in the day I agree she definately has that spinto thing due to the resonance in her voice being from predominantly the nasal cavity. Great voice for sure and also an intelligent way in which to use her voice.

I agree that she could indeed be a lyric soprano, but its been a while since I have really heard her sing live to determine such a claim. Wow I don't care what note that is